AdSystem™ Has Integrated CRM

AdSystem’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) combines the best features of a contact management and sales database system with AdSystem to provide a comprehensive set of tools for selling, scheduling, billing and reporting ad sales.  AdSystem’s CRM provides leverage and a competitive edge.  You can work on groups of many customers and advertisers at the same time; sending emails, logging notes and generating reports. This gives you the power to broaden your reach, multiply your efforts, and dramatically increase your sales.

AdSystem provides your staff with the tools they need to give your customers the service they deserve. Everyone in the organization (subject to user privilege levels) can have access to notes, proposals, orders and accounting history, all in one integrated system. This shared database of information can dramatically reduce money-losing mistakes and improve communication.

In addition to AdSystem’s integrated CRM, Datafest offers AdRep Online which is a dedicated sales CRM portal for your sales staff.  Both AdSystem and AdRep share the same database so that changes in one are instantly reflected in the other.

  • Complete Ad Sales CRM

    Unlike generic contact management systems, AdSystem is designed specifically for the publishing industry. In addition to standard contact and time management tools, you’ll be able to enter contracts and insertion orders, prepare and send proposals and contracts, check scheduling, price new orders and verify a customer’s credit status. Your reps save valuable time having all the advertising and contact management information in one program because they aren’t switching back and forth between applications.

  • Time Management

    Notes from each phone call and meeting are logged into the activity log, building a history of all previous contacts and conversations with a customer. Each note can have a reminder attached to it, so you always have the next action planned. A daily reminder list tells you what needs to be done next for each client, and activity reports can be used to track each reps’ progress.

  • Integrated Email

    AdSystem features an integrated email client that dramatically simplifies your day-to-day correspondence with customers and prospects. Simply click on the name and AdSystem’s email allows you to compose and send both textual and graphical emails.

    In addition, AdSystem Online offers an Email Connector that works with your existing email system. Now any emails you send from Outlook, Gmail or your smart phone are automatically logged into AdSystem’s accounts, along with your customers’ responses.

    When used in conjunction with Grouping, AdContact’s email becomes a powerful way of leveraging your contacts.

  • Integrations

    AdSystem Online offers integration with email marketing solutions such as MailChimp®, allowing you to make full use of the information contained in AdSystem.  Using MailChimp you can easily create integrated marketing campaigns that leverage the information contained in AdSystem.

  • Powerful Grouping

    AdSystem’s Grouping Feature allows you to create groups of customers or contacts based on just about anything in the database. For example, you can get a list of all prospects for a given sales rep. You can search for customers in one or more demographic categories or geographical locations. You can even build groups based on contracts or insertion orders, such as a group of customers who have run in a particular issue or those whose contracts are up for renewal.
    Groups can be used to print reports, create mailing lists, generate form letters, send email blasts, or export data.